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French art de vivre

Flower meadow

EXEKO revolutionizes organic skin care products for sports activity, thanks to a sharp formulation expertise, high quality ingredients and ultra pure water.

Our products are designed to be as exhilarating as they are effective, combining performance, pleasure and organic raw materials.

The way we see our products is all about French "Art De Vivre", a way of life that makes every day a little bit sweeter and happier!


As a manufacturer with profound knowledge of the cosmetic market, we know that the quality of cosmetic products is significantly determined by the quality and goodness of the raw materials used. This means that all raw materials we use for the manufacturing of EXEKO products conform with defined specifications to guarantee a stable level of quality.


With a dedicated Research and Development team, we work every day to create an exceptional end-to-end beauty experience with EXEKO. Our products are formulated with natural ingredients and sourced partly from organic farms (grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides).

  • no GMOs
  • no paraffin, silicone or PEG, no aluminium salts
  • no synthetic fragrance or artificial coloring
  • no synthetic preservatives not authorized under the Ecocert standard, such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, EDTA, and DMDM Hydantoin


From our laboratories in Aix-en-Provence comes water so pure it is a million times purer than spring water. Utilizing proprietary filtration processes, Ultra-Pure Water is free from harmful chemicals and biological agents that can irritate sensitive skin. EXEKO's soft water base and neutral pH respects the skin’s dermal/epidermal border. Controlled by external laboratories, EXEKO ultra-pure water is certified by the European Pharmacopeia. Odorless and colorless, it ensures consistent quality in our cosmetic and health products.